Natives and Charts: Foundations for Knowledge


The central figure in astrology is the sun. In natal (birth) charts, the sun represents the person (the native) whose chart is being viewed. One might wonder, “Why does the sun, and not the earth, represent the native?”

This is both an interesting and important question. In order to understand astrology, it’s incredibly important to understand how everything interacts with everything else.

The You-niverse

As planet Earth revolves around the sun, so does the drama of your chart revolve around you. Each person is the most significant player in the stage play called life, so you are the star of the show. By definition, the sun is a star, and the planets revolve around this star. For the native, the planets are characters in their life, impacting the star’s storyline in a myriad of ways.

The Earth represents the physical terrain, the stage on which the drama is performed. There are 12 backdrops, the Signs, and 12 settings, the houses. In addition, there are a number of characters – the sun, the moon, planets, asteroids, minor planets, calculated non-physical objects (Lilith, Arabic Parts, Nodes of the moon), and more. In addition, each of the players in the chart have relationships with one another. These relationships are called aspects.

It’s All Energy

With the above in mind, one of the most important lessons about astrology to highlight is that it’s all energy! There are no good or bad planets, signs, aspects, or house placements. There are flowing and challenging energies, but none are good or bad of their own accord. In astrology it’s what the native does with the energy that matters most.

One well-known chart pattern in astrology that serves as an excellent example of this would be a chart with only trines, the most easily flowing aspects. Such a person would surely be blessed with an easy life, right? Well, it’s not quite that simple.

Those with little to no challenging aspects in their charts have an inclination to being apathetic. You see, having squares and oppositions (not all oppositions are challenging or hard aspects, though) gives the native more opportunities for growth. How do we evolve if we never face any difficulties? I’ll take a multitude of squares any day.

Perspective is Everything

For anyone beginning the journey of understanding astrology, knowing what to look for and how to see it is more important than understanding every nuance of every aspect, sign, planet, etc. Understanding the underlying energetic influence of what’s impacting the chart only requires a moderate level of knowledge.

In further posts I will share details about each of the luminaries, the planets, the houses, the signs, the aspects, their interactions, and so forth. Having the correct perspective lays the foundation for our adventure. Join me.

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