If you’re new to astrology, then you can learn more about the qualities of major aspects by visiting Cafe Astrology.

Here’s my (whimsical) take on aspects:


Two lovers embrace under the stars as their souls entwine to form a united energy. As their bodies become one, their very natures become mixed together until their relationship creates a new person that becomes recognized as something other than the two of them a separately.


Two rivals roll around on the ground, grasping each other tightly as they struggle for dominance. Each knows that maintaining their grips are critical to their survival. They cling on and on…


You are going on a hike up steep terrain in order to glimpse the valley from a higher altitude. However, before you begin your journey you pack your backpack with plenty of water and a snack, and you bring along your best walking stick. You also just happen to have been given a great pair of new sneakers. You climb the mountain, face no resistance, and your outing is a breeze.


The spoiled child is handled with care, never wanting for anything. Her every beck and call is answered by an assistant, a nanny, an aid. Toys are strewn about the floor, and she has ice cream and sweets any time she pleases.


A long, dark highway, and suddenly the driver’s side tire blows out. You carefully maneuver to the side of the rode, and you take a deep breath. Your heart rate begins to settle down after the fright of possible devastation.

Just as you begin to wonder what you’re going to do a car pulls up behind you. Initially you have a slight anxious feeling, but then you see a familiar face. It’s your neighbor, also driving home on this stretch of the highway. He gets out of his car and offers to help you change the flat. Whew.


“You are so weak! Can’t you do better than that? Show me how to hit the bag!” The trainer jeers at you, challenging you to aim more carefully with your punches, because the upcoming match won’t be easy…in fact you aren’t even sure what you were thinking when you became a boxer. Flashforward. You are in the ring.

Your opponent is circling you. BAM! Out of nowhere, like lightening, you take a blow to your left eye. You’re stunned for a minute, but you hear your trainer’s voice echoing in your mind, pushing you to keep your cool. With a glint in your eye and a fire in your belly you lash out. DING DING DING! The ref’s whistle blows as he raises your hand over your unconscious opponent. You won.


“Maybe I shouldn’t have had that cotton candy and the popcorn…” You are staring at the other side of a long divide. In your hands you are carefully grasping a long staff, balanced on each side, precariously, with two buckets of water. You look down. “Damn,” you think, “that’s a lot farther down than it was when the practice net was up.” You see the tight, white rope (actually a wire) stretching from your tower to the opposing side.

Step 1. The rope bounces slightly, and you struggle to remain calm as you begin reciting the alphabet silently. Step 2. “What the f*** was I thinking?” Steps 3 and 4. Your palms begin to sweat…Step 18. You lose your grip, and one of the pails of water sloshes liquid down into the onlooking crowd. People gasp as you slip. Step 20.

You regain your balance, carefully adjusting the staff and move forward with a little more confidence. Step 34. You leap…gracefully onto the platform. “I’m never, ever doing this again.” The next night, there you are once again, staff in hand. The balancing act goes on, night after night, and you are the star of the show.

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