Turn Down the Volume on Lunar Phases a Little, Please

Each month I read a myriad of articles about another “powerful/magical/impressive/important/once-in-lifetime/etc.” full moon. Without risking everyone hating me for this:

Let’s have some tea and talk for a minute, k? K…

Hype! Hype! Hype!

First of all, let me clarify that I do consider full moons important, but I also know that they aren’t eclipses or progressed planets making aspects in the chart. In other words, sometimes the power and significance of lunar phases are overstated in order to create hype around a person’s site, blog, or page.

It’s a marketing technique. However, writing sensationalist posts to appeal to people’s emotions isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Who wants to read some boring technical post? My goal isn’t to discredit such writing, because I employ creative and emotional techniques into everything I do, and I don’t plan on changing that anytime soon!

My only purpose in bringing this to everyone’s attention is to delineate between events that occur astrologically. In a nutshell: not every astrological event is equal. Some are more powerful than others. Lunar phases are powerful, but they are not rare enough to garner the level of attention they seem to draw.

Emotions and Cycles

There is a full moon each 14 days and a new moon each 14 days, so it’s much more important to keep track of how lunar phases affect you personally than to consider the general possible outcomes of each event as spectacularly life-changing–they aren’t…usually. 

Luna’s phases relate more to the ever changing phases of the human psyche as we continue having emotional experiences here on earth. This can be seen via the moon’s effect on the tides. The same can be applied to how we experience lunations.

If a significant ending occurred each full moon, then our lives would be even busier than they currently are. The truth is that the lunar phases are much more nuanced and subtle than pronounced. The moon symbolizes emotional changes much more frequently than physical ones. Eclipses, on the other hand are tremendously more powerful and potent.

Be sure to note each eclipse that occurs, along with the sign and degree. Those will be most helpful in predicting what is going to be activated by transits, and the moon plays a huge role in activating sensitive points in the chart during new and full phases.

So, I decided to write a post explaining how to interpret full moons (and new moons) in anyone’s natal chart in lieu of writing a post only about the full moon tomorrow in 22° Gemini.

Lunar Phase Themes

First, what exactly does a full moon do? Well, it releases things. It closes doors. Chapters close. Old patterns end. The full moon is a time to let go of things associated with the sign it occurs in. Whereas the new moon is symbolic of new beginnings, new chapters, new ideas and insights.

In addition, full moons can amplify energy. Many of my witchy friends perform rituals during the full moon in order to add power to their spells. Other friends charge their crystals under the light of the full moon in order to renew the strength of their stones. A good friend of mine burns blessings, and I’m a regular recipient of her grace.

Sign and House

When attempting to understand the personal implications of a full moon you should locate where the full moon will be in regard to your natal chart.

For example, tomorrow’s full moon in Gemini will be located in my 7th house of partnerships, conjunct Chiron the Wounded Healer. Gemini represents communication, siblings, short journeys, and conscious mental activity. Chiron is a point of wounding in the chart that can be transmuted in order to bring healing to others.

Needless to say, I’m personally curious about how this full moon will affect me. Even as an astrologer, I can only see energetic themes in my chart, and I do not possess the ability to  see the impact of energies with omniscience (and neither does anyone else).


One of the most important components of astrology is the aspect. Aspects are relationships among energies in the chart. These range from easy flowing (and often beneficial) aspects such as trines (△) to challenging and motivating aspects like squares (□).

Understanding how all of the energies are working in your chart at the moment of a lunar phase can be very telling, but reading excerpts about signs and lunar phases only have the ability to ascertain the most general possibilities. It’s essential to understand your own chart in order to better relate to the significance of the full and new moons in your life.

Details, Details, Details

Astrology, which happens to be one of my greatest passions in life, is filled with technicalities. There is enough jargon to swim in to satisfy any Mercurial person, not to mention a big ole Pisces like me. Yet, even after analyzing many charts and reading countless books, I too must continue studying every day in order to remain fresh.

This, of course, is why having a personal astrologer to turn to is key to flowing with the energies of the universe. The alternative is to become an astrologer yourself, and if you choose to do so, then welcome! We need more talented astrologers!

May tomorrow’s full moon bring you nothing but good fortune and positive outcomes, but if you experience some difficult pruning, then I hope your pain is transformed by Chiron into healing balm for the world. Bright blessings of Light, always.

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