Last night, just before midnight, Mars ingressed into Aries after spending several weeks in emotional, watery Pisces. Mars is much more at home in Aries (Mars rules Aries). 

From the Mars Ingress chart we can gather a few important insights. Relationships have been a big theme over the last several months. Aries is on the 7th house cusp of partnerships, placing Mars in the same house. This can manifest in passion of all sorts: aggression, anger, deepening of commitments. 

Libra rising also emphasizes this theme, and Jupiter in Libra is expanding our personal understanding of relationships. However, there is great tension between Jupiter and Venus. This tension is being expanded and highlighted right now. 

Ask yourself, “What are the qualities of my relationships that cause me stress? How can I resolve conflicts with others in a mutually beneficial manner?” 

Uranus gives us the key to understanding why we might see battles in our relationships: it’s all about the urge for freedom and individuality vs. the desires of others to have their way. It’s all about balancing this energy. 

The new moon in Aquarius in the 5th house of creativity and manifestation is calling on us to create the types of partnerships that are supportive of our hopes and dreams. Whereas Saturn in Sagittarius in the 3rd house is really pressuring us to think about how we think about relationships with others, particularly due to the challenging square between Saturn and Venus. 

Mercury and Pluto are teaming up in Capricorn and the 4th house, emphasizing our roots. What is our sense of personal authority and power founded on? Is it a firm foundation, or is this understanding like a sandcastle, easily eroded by the winds and waves? 

Neptune in Pisces in the 6th house wishes to help us see through the illusions we’ve dreamed up in our day-to-day lives in order to see the beauty of the divine in the details of life. 

Chiron conjunct Venus, also in Pisces in the 6th house reminds us that many times we suffer emotionally, spiritually, or even physically because we aren’t seeing the deeper spiritual meaning of relationships. This aspect also reminds us to consider our values. Perhaps we have invested too much time and energy in relationships that are distracting us from our true purpose or are causing other dysfunction? 

Regardless of the answer to these questions, our greatest fortune lies in compromise, harmony, achieving balance, and making peace. Take the high rode. 

Don’t allow Mars to take you rushing into battle unless there is a worthy cause. Use discrimination and be sure to be patient with others right now. Mars can burn, but you never know what bridges might be helpful later on. Don’t be too hasty to set them all ablaze. 

Happy Mars in Aries. 🔥

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