The sun represents the spirit, the divine essence, the moon represents the soul (how we feel and react to the world on an instinctual level), and the rising sign represents the body and outer layer of the consciousness through which we project our energies outward into the world around us.

The rising sign encases the soul and the soul, in turn, encapsulates the spiritual essence of the sun. Each the moon and the ascendant serve as a mirror of sorts for the sun’s light. In other terms, we could consider the ascendant to represent the earth, the moon the waters, and the sun the luminary light that shines down upon them, and then the earth (ascendant) and waters (moon) reflect the light of the sun back out into the expanse of the heavens.  

In order to best understand the inner drive of the individual, the house placement of the sun provides insight concerning the overarching urge of the native for growth. Just as plants bend toward the light of the sun, so do our souls reach longingly. Wherever the sun is, a light is shone on that area of life.

This is the area of life that the spirit of the native chose to place special emphasis on when planning the current incarnation. So, here are my interpretations of the sun in the houses concerning the evolution of consciousness.

1st and 7th Houses: Personal and Interpersonal Identity

The sun connection to the ascendant or 1st house creates a deepened desire for the exploration of the presentation of the native. This energy is a powerful placement that can give the native an incredible personal power or a personal emphasis on themselves and their personal goals and experiences.

When the sun is in the 1st house of self, the body and personal vibration is both joyful and empowered. Others will perceive this person as both charming and charismatic. However, much also depends on the sign placement. The energy of the sun will also be channeled through the sign on the 1st house cusp. For example, if Sagittarius is rising the native will be experienced as fun and exuberant, but if Scorpio is rising the intensity and power of the sign will be emphasized.

In this way Jupiter and the sun seem to have much in common. The sun tends to emphasize and Jupiter expands, so the area of life touched by the light of the sun may appear to be expansive, insofar as its ability to be seen more clearly. In reality it is a position of soul growth and exploration more than the expansion offered by Jupiter. Those with the sun in this placement may seem to glow, perhaps even physically. Their outward projection of self is charged with light.

The challenge for the native with the sun in the 1st house is to learn how to balance personal experience and expression with the ability to understand the needs of others and how they affect others. Planets in the 7th house or the ruler (read: lord) of the 7th house will reveal how to balance the energy of the sun in the 1st house of self. This would be expressed as coming to the realization that I AM is never complete without WE ARE.

Natives born with the sun in the 7th house are here to learn about the importance of the other. Instead of the 1st house emphasis on projecting the self into the world, the 7th house sun native is here to grow through partnerships and closely formed bonds. What we learn about the self in the 1st house is used to delineate the boundaries between the self and the other when relationships are formed in the 7th house.

Another important (and often overlooked) component of the 7th house is the connection to parents. Who else is devoted to our growth and development than our parents? When considering the nature of partnerships it is key to remember that our parents are our first partners in life. Parenthood relates to adulthood. The 1st house youth enters adulthood once the ego is formed and when they are able to shift the focus from understanding the self to learning and growing with others.

2nd and 8th Houses: Ownership and Exchange of Resources

In the 2nd house the sun of the native is focused on the areas of the physical world. The possessions, surroundings, and security of the native are the focal point of experience. The sun in the 2nd house corresponds to a need to experience the practical necessities of life that bring forth a sense of fulfillment. The 2nd house is the storeroom or treasure trove of the natal chart, but on a deeper level the 2nd house represents what we value. Here the desires of the native can be understood.

The spirit’s emphasis here is to learn the true worth of people and possessions. There is also a preoccupation with establishing one’s own set of personal ethics. What’s important to you? What do you care about? In order to balance the energy of the 2nd house it’s important to realize that while I POSSESS is the energetic lesson, WE SHARE is the component that brings lasting security to the experience by incorporating the needs of others. This may be experienced as a need to learn balance between the accumulation or ownership of resources and the ability to provide an equal exchange of energy that also brings others a sense of personal security and satisfaction.

One example of an overactive 2nd house would be a hoarder. This person becomes obsessed with things and fails to realize that the ability to obtain possessions is to share with others. Imagine the good that could be done if the person who crammed their house full of stuff only thought to share their items with others? However, this ability is not fully developed in the 2nd house. When the sun resides in the 8th house understanding the importance of exchanging energy is more fully realized.

3rd and 9th Houses: Collecting and Analyzing Information

The 3rd house represents the personal consciousness and the thirst for knowledge, and this relates specifically to the conscious mental energy we experience and express on a daily basis. This house is where we accumulate facts and data. Those with the sun in the 3rd house are concerned with elevating knowledge, information, and communication. The 3rd house is also the house of short journeys, i.e. communities and neighborhoods.

Those with their sun in the 3rd house should focus on being an integral part in their community by getting involved in activities that support local efforts. This could be running for city council or starting a local business (assuming other placements and aspects support business ownership). This placement of the sun is also great for journalists, local weather forecasters, mail carriers, and delivery people. Since the 3rd house rules the issue of research (gathering data), this house is also a great sun placement for writers.

In contrast, the 9th house is the house of long journeys–the lifelong search for meaning, philosophy, religion, publication, globalism. Those with the sun in the 9th house should focus on expanding their worldview. The 9th house is the house associated with the sign Sagittarius, and this sign is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion, great fortune, and having a good time! Anyone with their natal sun in the 9th house will strive for freedom.

These natives will likely have wanderlust as the travel bug bit them at birth. Of course, other factors should be considered such as Saturn also inhabiting the 9th house, but excluding factors of limitation these people are the quintessential explorers of the world.

The 9th housers take the information gathered by their 3rd house counterparts and create a cohesive and complete picture with the data. If the 3rd house represents standard education, then the 9th house is the house of higher education. This is why I consider the 9th house the house of wisdom. Wisdom is the correct and most effective application of knowledge. Another way to think of this polarity is to consider data versus data analysis. Pollsters and others collect data and data scientists reach conclusions by analyzing the data for trends and insights.

4th and 10th Houses: Self and Public Esteem

Have you ever looked at someone and thought, “How did s/he get to where they are from where they came from?” This question is the essence and impetus behind the 4th/10th axis. Who we are, where we came from, and what our lives are founded upon are rooted in the 4th house, and the position at the height and pinnacle of our lives is expressed through the 10th house.

Does this mean that someone with their natal sun in the 4th house will never achieve great status? To the contrary. In fact, I would say that having a 4th house sun gives the native a greater preponderance on their roots and primal existence. Natives with the sun in the 4th house are evolving to discover the importance of foundations in life, and they are learning how nothing of substance can ever be created without first creating a firm foundation on which to build lives of success.

The 10th house, being the polarity of the 4th house, represents being at the top and looking down. Yes, those with 10th house suns tend toward achievements naturally, but this isn’t because they are more gifted than others. Instead, their many successes are connected to their drive for personal authority.

Natives with the sun in the 10th house are learning how to grow in the personal and interpersonal positions of authority, but they are also learning the importance of those who contribute and enable their success. Without others, regardless of personal effort, the 10th house sun could not climb to the pinnacle from which they stand. Thus, the soul is evolving to a state of appreciation of others in life as they continue to climb higher.

5th and 11th Houses: Actors and Clapping Hands

The star of the show. This is the essence of the sun in the 5th house. This placement of the sun emphasizes the soul growth in the area of personal creative expression. The 5th house is also the house of children and lovers, so how does that fit into creative self expression? Simply put, children are the manifested products of personal creative expression between two individuals (assuming these are biologically produced children).

The connection to lovers is equally clear in this context, because what else is so intimately connected to our personal energies being expressed than the act of sex and orgasm? In the moment of pure bliss and release we feel the fulfillment of our actions in a profound manner. This same energetic expression is experienced by artists, dancers, writers, and anyone who takes hold of their inner dreams and projects them outwardly into the world to be viewed by others.

Children, once again, are prime examples of this, because children are often considered the pride of their parents. When their children accomplish great feats, parents often consider those achievements as their own accomplishments via the molding and sculpting of their offspring. The sun in the 5th house is focused on learning the powerful nature of creative self expression, and understanding their role as the creator causes them to realize their need for others who will appreciate their creation.

In this light, how is the opposing house, the 11th house, best understood? Have you ever heard, “It takes a village to raise a child?” If so, then you can understand the meaningful connection between the 5th house and the 11th. The 5th house performer receives praise and applause from her 11th house audience. The 11th house is the house of society, friends, and the social order of life. The sun in this house represents the desire for growth and experiences surrounding interactions with the collective.

While the 5th house relates to personal creativity and manifestation, the 11th house represents collective manifestation of creative and ideological energies. This house is about how we work as a group to bring ideals from the mental space and establish them in the material, worldly arena of life. The 5th house is all about “doing what makes me happy,” whereas the 11th house is about “doing what makes everyone happy.” Those with the sun in the 11th house are learning the lesson of working with others to establish the common good of society.

6th and 12th Houses: Organized Chaos

As with the other houses, it seems clear that the houses on the lower half of the nativity (1-6) represent the micro, whereas the houses on the upper half (7-12) represent the macro. Another way to consider this is singularity versus plurality. This theme holds true for the 6th house and the 12th house as well. The sun in the 6th house is imbued with the life mission of learning lessons connected to the daily machinations of life.

The emphasis is on the details, the nuts and bolts of life. The 6th house is the house of service, servants, health, and work. I consider this house the house of dharma more so than any other house, because if you can understand how the 6th house influences the native then you can also understand how life will be experienced in other areas. The 6th house reveals how the day-to-day life of the native is structured and organized.

Those with their natal sun in the 6th house have purposed in this life to learn about the importance of the minutiae of life. In other words, they are becoming well acquainted with the idiom, “The devil is in the details.” This corresponds to the topic of health, because our cells, like little servants, perform integral, yet microscopic tasks that ensure that our bodies continue to properly function. In this way we can also understand that the 6th house is the house of service in that it reveals how we might best offer our services to the world around us. Of course, this might also be how we are forced to serve in this life. Ultimately, the 6th house lesson leads into the 12th house lesson beautifully.

In the 12th house we have (although seemingly contradictory at first) a complementary experience with the sun in this placement. The ancients often described the 12th house as the house of self undoing. However, there are better means by which we can understand and experience the nature of the 12th house. Rather than choosing the concept of undoing, let’s instead choose to consider the 12th house the house of personal unfolding.

Consider the lotus flower and its petals. Each petal could represent the details of the 6th house. Once each petal yields itself to the glory of full bloom it is viewed in its ultimate sense of beauty. In the lotus flower we gain a great understanding of the 12th house–in our capacity to acknowledge the divinity in each aspect of life we are elevated in our consciousness to a place of true oneness with the seemingly chaotic universe.

At the center of the blossom exists the components responsible for reproducing glory. Creation itself is at the very heart of the personal unfolding of the compartments of the soul. The native with the sun in the 12th house has come into this life with the purpose of learning that separation is an illusion, and that everything in the universe exists in perfect and uniform singularity. In essence, what appears at first to be chaos is in fact divine order.

Personal Application

Friends sometimes ask me, “How can I apply this to my life?” The answer is to create a natal chart for yourself in order to learn about the planet’s placements in your chart. A great resource for creating natal charts is

In addition, my preferred house system is whole sign houses, the oldest house system. However, I know many of astrologers who use quadrant house systems such as Porphyry and Placidus. If you would like to create a chart with whole sign houses, be sure to select “whole sign” instead of “default” in the house system drop down menu on when creating your natal chart.

Here’s an example of what your chart will look like if you’ve created a chart on using Whole Sign Houses:


After you’ve created a natal chart, take a look at the chart. There will be numbers inside the sections of the wheel that delineate the houses. The sun is represented by the circular glyph with a single dot in the center. After you’ve found the house of your natal sun, read the description above about your sun’s house placement and its meaning. Ask yourself, “Am I integrating the lessons my soul has intended to learn in this life?” This will help you to apply the information I’ve shared in this article.

Importantly, remember that the sun’s placement is only one of many components of the natal chart. Other placements and their relationships to one another will also influence the growth and destiny of the native.

The above interpretations aim to help anyone to better assimilate the sun’s placement the chart with the other equally important placements. In time there will be more resources available for study on this site. In the meantime, I recommend Cafe Astrology as a great reference source for anyone interested in learning modern western astrology.

As always, feel free to email me, message my page on Facebook, or leave a comment with further questions. I’m more than happy to help anyone who wishes to learn. 

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