The chart for when the sun entered Taurus (using universal time) is obviously Mercurial! Virgo is rising, and Mercury—its ruler—is Retrograde and conjunct the sun. The Midheaven in Gemini is also ruled by Mercury, the winged messenger.


Here are some insights for each sign (in no particular order) this month:

This is the month of the Bull! Taurus natives should be flying high this month, especially with Venus sitting on her watery throne, exalted in Pisces for a little while longer. However, your ruler has gotten quite the beating lately—first from Mars, and then from Saturn. If you’ve been feeling bruised up or ready to call it quits, then hold up! Just take a deep breath or five. This is the time of the year when you are at your best, and it’s only going to get better in June and the first half of July as Venus makes her way through your space in the sky, blessing you for six weeks! Just relax, because it’s going to get better and better for quite some time.

The Venus retrograde in Aries/Pisces focused on healing wounds from the past, specifically related to relationships, lost loved ones, and intense emotional situations. With the sign of the healer and servant rising, the universe is offering us an opportunity to deepen the healing as many were confronted by dark shadows from the past. This is the month to finally let go of the past if possible and start planning on creating a more secure, comfortable, and fortified future.

Neptune is in the house of partnerships opposing the ascendant, so you might be feeling a little confused about your role in alliances and relationships. This is especially true if you are heavily influenced by Virgo in your natal (birth) chart. Work with the energy of Neptune to dissolve the illusions that you (or others) have created. When you realize that separation from All is an illusion you will be free. Virgos and Pisces should pay special attention to this advice.

Chiron in Pisces, blending closely with Venus, is persistent in that call to healing emotions and past relationships. This is greatly emphasized with Saturn forming a challenging stance toward the Pisces duo from the 4th house. The 4th house represents the past, the home, the unconscious mind, and transitions. Saturn is pointing out that there is some course correction from the past that needs to occur in order for healing to truly take hold. With such a Mercury ruled chart, communication is key. Perhaps you could write a letter or make a phone call that would initiate healing for the wounded relationship that’s been begging for your attention?

If money is on your mind (hi, Libras!), then rest assured that Jupiter is reviewing the books to see who didn’t get enough abundance in the past two months. It’s time to be rewarded for your hard work. The weak opposition between Jupiter and Uranus shows that resources may come pouring into your life in surprising ways—expect the unexpected. Such financial breaks may also require negotiations or balancing acts. Money matters should ease up with gifts being given by Venus after she moves further away from Saturn’s stern gaze.

The Zodiac Warrior, Mars, has been pretty impatient this month, and you would do well, Aries, to realize that everything will get going faster and stronger as Mars moves marches resolutely into Gemini. However, you might be digging through the proverbial closet and encountering the skeletons of your enemies along the way. If you’re of two minds this month, let me guarantee you that taking the high road will be more fortuitous than causing trouble by sharing your thoughts openly with those who’ve borne the blunt of your anger—especially last month and for most of April. This might also be connected to March and April of 2009. Think before speaking. You’ll thank me later.

Pluto in the house of romance, children, and creativity, forming a harmonious connection to the ascendant, is transforming your sense of play and creative self expression. This is also related to how others see you and how you project your energy into the world. Those with prominent Capricorn placements should take note of this energy (everyone else can learn this lesson if necessary). It’s important to chase after those lofty goals, but it’s also necessary to learn when to take a break and have some fun. Connect with your inner child this month, do some community service, or dig in the dirt!

Sagittarius, especially those born toward the end of the sign, and Sagittarius rising natives have been feeling stuck or blocked for about 18 months. Saturn is asking you to take this time of limited action and roadblocks to add structure to your expansive ideas. What’s the point of seeing the future if you don’t know how to get there? Sit down, make a list, and plan every detail. This will help you while Mercury is retrograde, and it will also allow you to breathe easier when Saturn finally moves out of your sign at the end of this year. Right now, Saturn is retrograde, offering you an opportunity to review the lessons he’s been teaching you. Make the necessary corrections and adjustments sooner rather than later.

Oh yeah. Gemini. Don’t think you’re getting off scott-free. Saturn has been watching you for some time now. If you’ve been living loose and free without taking care of business, well, you should probably go ahead and catch up now before you’re faced with less than pleasant consequences. Otherwise, all of this fun you’ve been having might not be so pleasant down the road when Saturn in Pisces (2023) issues a challenge to the Twins.

What may come as a surprise to the Aquarians is that yes, it’s actually a great time for you to be thinking about your feelings before you feel them this month. “Why am I in a bad mood? Why was I feeling sad yesterday after breakfast?” The moon in Aquarius is asking the Water Bearers to filter their water this month because there’s some stuff floating around in that jar, and it’s getting a bit murky.

Dear Aquarius, if you’re not feeling well it might be connected to the emotions you’ve been suppressing for some time now. Use your mind (what an easy task for you) to find the source of your disturbance. Alternatively, this is also a great month for Aquarians to connect with their emotions by serving others. Don’t push those feelings down any further. If you do, the pressure might become explosive and land you in the bed of recovery for a while.

Cancer, your focus this month should be on your friends, associations, and ideals. Examine the groups you spend time with and determine if they are emotionally fulfilling. Reexamine your hopes and dreams. Do you still want your life and world to look the way you did a year ago? Six months ago? Last week? The good news is that you can form a clearer picture of the future this month and figure out what will make you shine more brightly in the coming months.

Working behind the scenes isn’t exactly your MO, Leo, but this month that’s exactly what you’re doing. This month can be as confining and limiting as you make it out to be: heaven and hell are states of the mind. Sometimes we all need a reminder of where we’ve been in life so we can truly appreciate where we are. Let go of your need to be in the spotlight for now. Before long, the sun will be shining brightly on you once more.

Scorpio, if you’ve been experiencing mental stress or frustration, just know that Mars, your traditional ruler, has been feeling stuck in the mud right along with you. Don’t worry, today (4/21) Mars moved out of Taurus and into the mental air sign, Gemini. Your mind will be just as sharp and penetrating as ever! Now you can get on with plotting your revenge against that lover that hurt you last month. Just kidding…sort of.

If you were hurt or if you hurt someone, think carefully about how to proceed. Put your powerful mental energy to work this month and you might discover that things weren’t as bad or intense as you made them out to be. Make sure you have all the facts before making any accusations or jumping to any conclusions—especially concerning romance, partnerships, and siblings.

I truly hope that everyone has a great month! Take some time each day to get in touch with your soul and connect with your inner sense of security. Find comfort and peace by having faith in your higher power as we move onward in the second month of our solar year. 🌟

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