There are some powerful energies lining up this week. Let’s take a look at what’s happening in the heavens tomorrow and what to expect for the next five days:

First, on May 9th at 1:11pm, the sun in Taurus in the 10th house will aspect Pluto in Capricorn in the 6th house by trine. The trine aspect reveals easy flowing energy that is readibly accessible. The sun is at the height of the chart, conjunct the Midheaven. The sun placed so prominently and working positively with Pluto offers us the ability to rise to new heights in our public lives. 

The 10th house represents achievements, recognition, esteem, and career. The 6th house is the house of health, work (think chores), and service. In Taurus, the sun asks us, “How can I best act to secure myself? What makes me comfortable?” Pluto replies, “Transform your sense of comfort and security by taking charge of your life. Be your own boss and prioritize your well being: take responsibility!” 

Leo is rising at the time of this union between the sun and Pluto, and the sun rules Leo—further highlighting an emphasis on the sun’s role in this dynamic relationship. Leo naturally falls on the 5th house in a natural chart (i.e. Aries rising), so this is a clue to see what’s happening in the 5th house. 

Saturn and Lilith are in Sagittarius in the 5th house of creativity, romance, children, and manifestation. Do you feel as though something (or someone) is standing in the way of you expressing your unique, creative essence? There may be an authority figure in your life who’s been putting extra pressure on you, or it could be your own lack of responsibility hindering you from experiencing the joy of your inner child. If you were wounded as a child in a way that prevented you from expressing your true inner self, then now is a time to go within and seek answers. The lesson of Leo is to remember who we are: royal ambassadors of light sent to earth to restore this world to its true nature of unity and love!

In addition, Venus and Lilith are also forming a trine. This speaks to healing being received through relationships or healing work being accomplished for wounds previously inflicted by relationships. The energy of the day tomorrow is all about bringing light into the darkest corners of your soul and psyche. Don’t be afraid of the dark: you are the light! 

Mercury and Uranus in Aries in the 9th house are closing into a conjunction, and as they meet they are helping to form a Grand Fire Trine between the Leo ascendant and Saturn. Mercury and Uranus—when united—bring us flashes of insights and revelations. In the 9th house they will bring brilliant understanding about your long journey of wisdom and personal truth. 

With Jupiter in Libra the 3rd house communication is expanded—especially among our partnerships. Jupiter grants us both good fortune and opportunity to see the silver lining in even the most challenging relationships. Since Jupiter is retrograde in the harmonious sign of Libra, now is the perfect time to reevaluate relationships. 

Ask yourself which relationships have been damaged that you wish to restore. Jupiter will give you the right words to say and the perfect type of communication for healing any frayed relationships you desire to reconcile. You’ve got the king of the gods on your side. What could go wrong? Perhaps you’ll discover that some things you’ve believed about life or yourself are actually falsehoods? This would certainly tie into the placement of Saturn and Lilith at the time of this chart. Sudden realizations and ingenious opportunities to seize hold of wisdom and truth are available to all of us in the next few days. 

Chiron and Neptune in Pisces in the 8th house could represent healing from the loss of loved ones. If you’ve been in grieving, know that the healing waters of Neptune and Chiron are here to wash over you and give you peace that surpasses all understanding. There is no expiration on grief or pain when we lose a loved one, but they are in Spirit sending us love and blessings of light. Receive their gifts today.

Mars in Gemini in the 11th house is adding some major OOMPH to our hopes and dreams, social circles, and good fortune! Soon, Mars will form a trine with Jupiter, adding to the inspiration and vision being sent from Mercury and Uranus. If you have big dreams that you’d like to set in motion there’s no better time! 

This is especially true since the full moon in Scorpio on May 10th will direct your intentions with intense manifestation power! The pulsating energy for the next few days is palpable! Tap into these energies and see the magick of the stars transform your life in every way!

These energies will be most active on May 9-11, but these themes will be felt for at least one full week. The aspect between Saturn and Uranus will be in effect for much longer, but that will play out on a broader scale. In a week or so I will be writing about Saturn and other outer planet transits and what’s in store for the nations. Keep shining!

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Bright blessings of Light upon you all! 

—James ❤️

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