About the Pisces Prince

I remember when I first began to look at my horoscope in the newspaper. There was always something about it that just didn’t resonate with me. Little did I know, understanding astrology is much more intensive than reading a blurb in the paper about one’s sun sign.

After having an astrologer interpret my solar return chart (year ahead chart), I began to realize that the only way for me to discover the answers I was searching for would be through studying astrology. This led me to read dozens of books and articles, listen to countless hours of podcasts, and eventually to launching my own professional astrology practice.

What I’ve learned about astrology could fill books, especially considering the number of books I’ve read on the topic. However, no one will ever learn everything there is to know about astrology, even a lifelong astrologer will be learning until they draw their last breath.

One of the most beautiful aspects of astrology (no pun intended) is that the energy is unique for each individual. Even twins can see minor differences in their charts, and each person will channel the energy in a personal manner. Astrology reveals to us just how amazing we are, even as we exist among the glory of creation.

Critics of astrology are too quick to dismiss the art, because they do not truly understand that even those who do not believe in predictive astrology can still use astrology to explore the deep crevices of the psyche. Famed psychologist Carl Jung’s archetypes are a great example of how any of us can investigate ourselves, and astrology is a tool for such investigation.

Personally, I view astrology as a healing art. By studying the influence of the planets in the signs and houses, and their relationship to one another, one can begin to piece together the story of one’s life and the journey of the soul. This is the essence of evolutionary and spiritual astrology, of which I am both a student and practitioner. My sincerest hope is to bring healing to as many as I can while I can, and I will forever be one who wishes upon the stars.

I hope to live up to the virtuous qualities of the Piscean energy in all that I do – compassion, humility, empathy, and loving service to all. Those are my highest ambitions.

James, the Pisces Prince, is an astrologer and clairvoyant who focuses on spiritual growth and healing.